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— by Rich Sena Rich Sena
Hello everyone:

My name is Rich I'm 28 and Enrolled in the chemestry/physics program at school. I supose that I would be considered a sophomore (although that the end seems forever away) with intentions to transfer to either VCU or UVA, and finally culminating in a masters at Cornell(hopefully). I moved down here about four years ago from the Manhatten area to persue a fresh crack at a degree, after a failed attempt at a degree in hospitality... and a don't think that school was the only motivation did you? The education stuck, the girl... not so much. Altough Richmond is slightly different from where I grew up it really has grown on me.

As far as employment, I'm currently woorking at Can Can Brasserie, in Carytown, have been for aver a year now, before that I bartended downtown at a few nightclubs. Ive worked about every position there is in a restaurant for about fifteen years, and bartended up the east coast for a better part of ten of those. That kind of work history paired with a new found "shine" towards the physical sciences has lead me to choose persuing a degree in gastromic(food) chemestry, and flavor sciences(its a lot cooler than it sounds).

I truly enjoy rhetoric along with the written and spoken word, and I consider myself a fan of both. I don't have any horror stories to speak of, at least not in regards to my literary classes. In fact I suppose I had great teachers, very progressive and forwars thinking, none that imposed their view of what they thought was being said or not said.

When Im not working or learning I like cigars, wine, beer, licquor, and fast cars. Unfortunately I usually cant afford to have all in my posession at once, but Im working on it.

I look forward to the upcoming semester and am delighted to meet all of you.